Frisco NC UFO

Roadside attractions are like wine, improving with age.  I don’t know the exact year this UFO landed but by the decor I’d say sometime in the 1970s.  A very good decade for UFOs.

We initially encountered this stellar oddity in 2007 on our first trip to the Outer Banks and as interesting as we thought it was we didn’t stop to check it out, just said something like, “Outta-sight, man!” and kept on truck’n.  But this time, nine years later, I could not resist the urge to have an encounter of the third kind.


This spaceship appears to be a time capsule, housing the imagination and memorabilia of a teenage-rock-n-roll-surfer-from-Mars.  Take a close look at the inside…  Not even Hollywood could fake the interior of this pad. It reeks of authenticity.  Surely this is what it looked like the day the creature abandoned it, to assimilate into the FAR OUT fashions and culture of the 70s.  And just think… It might still be among us!

Imagine the fun you would have on a spaceship like this as a youngster… Perhaps it kept the little green kid out of trouble. You know, kept him off the streets.

I did not enter the spacecraft to get any of these photos, I simply held my camera to the windows.

This Outer Banks landmark has served several different purposes on the island, in various locations and with different owners.  And I’m not sure but these photos of the interior might be somewhat rare, especially now.  According to information I found online, it appears the inside is now considerably different from what it was when we were last here, in April of 2016.


What in the world is that contraption on the coffee table? A Martian wacky weed rolling machine?  It’s probably nothing but my mind can’t do anything but turn it into some type of drug prepping station.


To potentially coin a phrase (25 years late, since I stopped watching television about that long ago) I have to say this is the “Twin Peakiest” room I have ever seen. I don’t expect that to make sense to anyone as I barely  know what I mean by saying it, but Twin Peaks was a crime drama in the early 90s that had some bizarre and surreal scenes in it, if memory serves, kind of other-worldly….  Consequently, I half expect a deranged stoned midget murderer to step out from the shadows of this room and start dancing a hypnotic and awkward little dance to music no one has ever heard before, played from an 8 Track Cassette Player. There! Maybe that partially explains the feeling I get.






As I learned from the below mentioned web site, FUTURO is the company that made the “Frisco UFO”, in the late 60s. There are less than 100 of them left in the world and roughly 20 left in the United States. Now days these “back to the future” space pads have a cult following,  but originally a family from Baltimore purchased the Frisco FUTURO when it was new and set it up near the beach as a vacation retreat. It was a normal part of their lives for many years until their children were grown and they gave it to the local fire department. Form there it continued to change owners and purpose until landing in it’s current location, of which the owner says, “If I am alive, it will be sitting right here.”


Toward the end of writing this post I found a very interesting web site with a treasure trove of information about the Frisco UFO, including a video of past and present owners. If you are truly interested (yesI realize I’m speaking to a select few) the below web site is dedicated to FUTUROs around the world and there is a dedicated page for the Frisco FUTURO.

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