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Welcome! We are ECSTATIC about our new lifestyle as full time RVers and my enthusiasm has spilled over into this blog where I intend to share: roadkill recipes, inspiring photographs, campfire wisdom and heartwarming stories of adventure. Yes! All of that and more, right here on The Foxworthy Traveling Show! OK, OK, more like a bunch of pictures of my children with boring scenery in the background and a list of the stupid things I’ve done on the road. But you’ll stick around because if you are reading this you must be one of my family members or friends and your’re too nice to not humor me by poking around this site from time to time.

Gee whiz, look at the time! Please silence your cell phones out of courtesy to others. The show is about to begin.

– Tumbleweed


16 thoughts on “About the show”

  1. Thank you, Jennifer. I find it ironic that the first comment left on my blog about living down by the river in a van is from a motivational speaker.

    Love you too,

  2. OK, Tumbleweed – I’m jealous! Of course, I’m reminded of Chris Farley in his role as a motivational speaker in 1980’s Saturday Night Live episodes where he’s “Livin’ in a van down by the river!”. Enjoy your freedom. Never forget that there are those of us who love you guys unconditionally and are always here for you and your family. Blessings. Ron and Joanne.

    1. Thank you ronboviscous. That’s a funny alias by the way. And yes, I’ve always loved that skit. The pathetic thing is, as many times as I’ve heard the speech, and as motivational as it is, I still failed to heed Chris’s warning.

      We certainly do feel the love, Ron and are very grateful for it. We will be sure to look you up the next time we come through Round Rock.

  3. What an awesome way to spend family time!! I wish I was that adventurous. I have know you most of my life and your devotion to family and life is to be commended. Life is meant to be enjoyed and shared. It is the simplier things that hold true happiness for us all. So I say “Go West young man” or north, south or even east if you choose.

    1. Thank you Fred! Those are kind and inspiring words. Spoken like a true family man and word smith. Thanks for visiting the site and for your comments.

  4. Mr. Tumbleweed…the site looks killer! I’ll be following your exploits…and also those arrest sheets they sell for a dollar at the convenience stores. Good luck and travel safe!

  5. Hey, I accidentally stumbled onto your physical and verbal “ramblings.”
    Linda and I will be visiting our “kids” in Cloudcroft again over the Labor Day weekend. Might try to come by and reintroduce ourselves So far, I am impressed by your traveling show. Bill & Linda Moore

    1. Hi Bill & Linda! It’s great to hear from you. Bill, I was fixin to call you in the next few days (I still have your number) so it’s amazing that you rattled my chain first. I want to talk to you about going down the mountain with my camper. You were the best voice of reason that I encountered about the mountain and it was your advice that gave me the courage to go down it. Now I need more advice as I am considering going down with the camper when we leave Cloudcroft, and once again, I’m nervous about it.

      I’m so glad you found the blog and that you like it. We are heading out on September 1st. So please do drop by this weekend if you get a chance, I would love to chat with you again.

  6. hey, its been a bit, I hope and pray your all doin ok. stay in touch, your trip sounds great, say hi to all.

    Andy, New Mexico.

  7. I suppose it was the iconic cohesion of electro-valences or dumb luck, but I don’t believe in either. The foot steps of a righteous man avail much… I was several nights ago thinking of you and your family. Tonight I simply looked up and spoke, ” There’s Tumbleweed”, as if to say well where else would he be? Great catching up on your walk of faith. We are so proud of you. A modern day patriarch leading the charge against mediocrity in contemporary life. You remind me of Moshe leading your tribe… hurry; I don’t think we have 40 years left.

    Baruch Ha Ba Bashem Adonai
    Love you Jim, stop in soonest, never ending flow of coffee, easy chairs and long winded war stories.

    1. That’s a great guess, perhaps He did use iconic cohesion, but it’s hard to say just how God aligns the stars to form such an astronomically unlikely nexus.

      It was a great blessing to see you and Patty and Heylee. Now I know why I had a strange urging to go with Michelle to my least favorite place on Earth. Thanks for your kind words and for gracing my blog with your presence. We hope to see you again before heading back out on the dusty trail.

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